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I love a good sale and clearance,
but what's going on at Marshalls?

You never know who you will see on the
streets of Manhattan on any given day.
Here, I spotted Actor/Musician Ruben Blades
on the corner of 8th Avenue and 34th Street.

This is the line forming outside Apple store at
Ninth Avenue and 14th Street in Chelsea for iPnone6
at around 9:10am on morning of September 18th

Bitcoin, anyone?
From the pages of the NY Post:
Welcome to 21st Century Ponzi Scheme, Bitcoin

Natural is In (To Each His Own)
"Below the Bikini Line, a Growing Trend"
Verrrry interesting article in NY Times. Read now

Does Armani know how to put on a show, or what?
$8 Million Giorgio Armani Runway Show

Bloomberg Administration and the Future of East Midtown
The city defines East Midtown as the area between
Second and Fifth avenues and 39th street and 57th street.
Every inch of it is prime real estate. Read more.

"A Family of Brands You Trust" SOLD
Chinese Company Buys Smithfield Foods
Smithfield, the world's largest pork processor. The
Virginia based Smithfield owns such well known packaged
meat brands as Armour, John Morrell, and Gwaltney. Read more

Mayor Michael Bloomberg gives (another) $350 million
to his alma mater, Johns Hopkins University. Read more

Creating more jobs in the States.
Good to see stuff like this on products.
"Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in USA"

New this Fall
The First Family
An African-American family in the White House.
Guess what, producer Byron Allen
made it a sit-com.
Read more

UPDATE - All Things Being Equal
New from NBC, 1600 PENN

From the Looks Department > Beauty comes in all sizes . . .
Overweight News Anchor Takes Fat-Shaming Bully to Task on Air

Around the Majors
Recent visitors to the
Fan Cave on lower Broadway

Met 2nd baseman Daniel Murphy

Twins catcher Joe Mauer
Fun Fact:
You know there's not one McDonald's on
McDonald Avenue in Brooklyn.
However, many church's on Church Avenue.

I'm not lovin' it.

On the Waterfront: NY Daily News reports ...
Queens Waterfront to Get Pedestrian & Cycle Path

Sunday New York Times
April 1, 2012, Page RE6 (NY print edition)
One of my favorite neighborhoods.
Living In: The Flatiron District

Internet Empowers Comedians

NFL Pop-Up Shop Coming to Manhattan
April 2nd, for one month only.
Located across the street from Bryant Park
between 41st street and 42nd street.

Lower Broadway is booming.
It's NYCí»s third most profitable retail district
fetching over $600 per square foot...

Lord and Taylor Names $10,000 Winner in
Student Stylist Competition

The New York Times does a nice
block by block feature on West 58th Street
in the Sunday real estate section.

NYT February 21, 2012
"...the value of simple, easily understood brand names has escalated in the Internet era because consumers are more likely to find such products while doing searches on the Web."

The man who redifined Lord and Taylor passes from the scene, Joseph Brooks. "[Brooks] told The NY Times in 1976 that he viewed Lord and Taylor as a store [for] people with good taste and understated elegance who like to buy
investment clothes. .........
investment clothes, [meaning] expensive things that would last
and could be worn for special occasions year after year."

The Salvation Army Rocks!
These guys put on a great show
by Penn Plaza outside the Garden.
DONATE, It feels good.

Seeing several people with a dog and sign.
Legit, or fraud game?
Well, he hid the dogs face & flipped sign
when he realized I was taking pictures.
Let's see if he's got the same pooch next time.

Elevator Accidents
They're more common then you think.

Woman enters elevator at 285 Madison Avenue
and her life ends.
From the pages of the NYPost:
Elevator kills 41 year old ad woman.

From the pages of the NYT:
...a Future Rises on the Far West Side

You can sell almost anything to the
American public, well some of them.
Looks like one ad man figured that out.
The Branding of the Occupy Movement

From the pages of the NYDailyNews:
QnsNY: Part Race Track, Part Casino
Aqueduct Racino Opens in Queens

Here's a reminder that schools will be opening soon.

UPS no longer just brown bagging it - now in White :)

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